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Welcome to the British Safety Council's 2019 International Safety Awards

Step 1 - Please click the link below to allocate the licence(s) and confirm the details for each site and person completing each application. If you are completing the application(s) you must assign the licence(s) to yourself before beginning the application(s).

⇒ Click here to assign licences to applicants

Step 2 - Once you have allocated you licence(s), please click the link below to complete your application(s).

⇒ Click here to begin your application

Step 3 - If you have previously begun your application(s) and would like to resume, please click on 'In Progress' on the left hand side of the page.

Please ensure to carefully read through the guidance notes and pay particular attention to the marking scheme for each question to ensure the best possible chance of winning an award and achieving the highest grades. 

To find out more about the awards and get guidance on how to optimise your application please visit the International Safety Awards 2019 webpage

Need extra help? Should you have any further queries please call us on +44 (0)20 8741 1231 or email awards@britsafe.org.